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Boat Dive

Boat Diving , Explore Red Sea

Boat Dive to Diving Sites

Did you know that you can enjoy diving at more than 40 recognized dive sites during the day. They are all accessible by boat from Hurghada and can be reached with one of our Fun Fly boats. Several of these dive sites can be found within a short distance by boat from the Mercure Hotel, the base of our diving centre. The Red Sea is known worldwide to be one of the leading diving destinations. Guests of Fun Fly Divers can therefore enjoy reef systems, coral gardens, wall diving, drift dives, night dives, wreck dives of just wondering around the shallow lagoons on local dive sites.

Even in not so favorable sea and weather conditions, we can still go for diving and snorkeling from the boat. And this because there are more than 5 dive sites available in the area of Sahl Hasheesh. They all have a very big lagoon that is well protected from the wind and the strong currents, where diving and snorkeling is totally enjoyable.

Nearest is the area of Giftun Island

The nearest area of our diving centre is Giftun Island with probably the greatest variety of dive sites. Between Giftun Island and the coast of Hurghada you can find more than 10 reefs, in the area locally known as Small Giftun, offering some great drift dives and boat dives. Further to the south is the Bain El Gibal National Park which is home to a number of famous dive sites such as Erg Somaya and Small Giftun Island reefs. It is a vast coral garden, with hundreds of species of fish and has favorable environmental conditions for all divers. Night diving is so simple and exciting at Fun Fly Divers thanks to a huge variety of nightlife at the house reef and at nearby dive sites accessible by boat. Even with the torch turned out you can still see for over 10 meters far under a full moon. On most nights you can witness the bio-luminescence where the tiny particles of disturbed plankton glow like magic green wizard’s dust. The most remarkable during night dives is also the tranquility of diving in a 3-D alike world of dark calm. Any initial feeling of apprehension is soon replaced by the excitement of being underwater during night time. A amazing experience that can’t be missed.

All you need to do

The only thing you need to do is to listen to the briefing, to take  your diving gear into the boat and let one of our experienced captain take you to some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea. The crew on board will always assist you with gearing up as well as helping you in and out of the water. You will be offered a clean dry towel and soft drinks or hot drinks during the trip. On a full day trip a lunch on board is also included. No need to worry about dismantling, rinsing or packing up your diving equipment, we do it for you and rinse it with fresh water before the next dive. Of course some divers prefer to assemble their own equipment and that’s ok, but for everyone else, the instructors got it covered.

Enjoy diving with our professional dive guides as they will take you with our luxury boat to the best diving spots in the area. All needed information will be given to you during the briefing on board with us.