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Careless Reef

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Careless Reef

Many guests coming to Hurghada have only one request when it comes to dive sites, even if they never been in Egypt before; Carless Reef. Most of the time they have read about the reef in some dive magazine or heard about it from friends. Carless is famous for the large population of semi-tame moray eels, often free swimming and easy to approach, plus a very rich marine life and the possibility to see sharks.

The main reef is a plateau with two pinnacles that reach for the surface in open sea. The plateau is in a depth of about 16 meters. A few fin-kicks to the east the wall drops with many caves and overhangs. On the reef you find both hard and soft corals and many species of reef fish. The isolated location of the reef and the deep water surrounding it also invite pelagic spices like tuna and barracuda.

In the beginning of the 1990s the reef was attack ed by the starfish Crown of Thorn that eats the polyps of the corals and can demolish large areas in a short time. The once celebrated Carless was completely dead. All of the sudden no dive boats went here and for a few year the reef was left to rest it started to get back to its good old self again. Now It’s an interesting dive because you can see the progress of regrowth.

The position of the reef, out in the middle of the open sea, makes it very exposed to the weather so it does not take much wind to make the site difficult or even impossible to dive. However, if you get out here you’re in for a treat.