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Rescue Diver Course

Are you interested in learning how to rescue someone who is in trouble while diving?

Then the Rescue Diver Course is made for you.

Who can enroll to the Rescue Diver Course?

Any participant that is 12 years old or older can take this course. You also need to be a certified Advanced Open Water Diver and you should have finished with success the Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (CPR and First Aid) Course within the past 24 months. It is recommendable to have a good physical health and mentally fit.

The Rescue Diver Course will teach you how to identify and manage risks while diving. It will provide you with the necessary skills to perform a rescue of another diver or yourself. Self-rescue is a very important part of the course because if you are putting yourself in danger, it will become more difficult to safe another diver in need.

The Rescue Diver Course is a comprehensive course teaching divers how to effectively handle different types of emergencies. You will learn everything regarding self-rescue. Your instructor will show you how to recognize a stressed or panicked diver and how to manage it. You will also focus on how to rescue a conscious and an unconscious diver.

In the classroom you will see how you can plan your dives in the most safely way. Problem management and first aid are also topics that will be view together with your instructor.

The Rescue Diver Course can be completed in minimum 3 days but there is nothing wrong to conduct this course in more days, according your own time.

After completing the Rescue Diver Course, and getting your certificate, you will have the necessary awareness to detect potential problems and to act accordingly in order to avoid them. If one of these problems may occur, then you will be able to handle probably to solve it and rescue the diver in distress.

If you want to be that diver, that is able to handle correctly any hazardous situation that may arise while diving, you should definitely contact us, at Fun Fly Divers, and follow the Rescue Diver Course with one of our certified instructors.

Become the one that other divers are looking up to.

Interested on this course?

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