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Torfa Ben El Gebal

Hurghada Dive Sites

Torfa Ben El Gebel

Ben El Gebel means ‘between the mountainsx’ because this sheltered dive site is located between the Big and Small Giftun islands in Hurghada. You can dive Torfa Ben El Gebel as a stop or a drift dive, and both options are nice.

If you make a drift dive on Torfa Ben El Gebel, you’ll have a chance to see eaglerays and, if you’re lucky, reefsharks. Make sure to bring your compass because you won’t be the first diver that ends up at the next dive site.

When you make the drift dive, you’ll find three ergs on the west side of Torfa Ben El Gebel. On the one in the North you’ll see some nice gorgonias. The second erg you’ll encounter is coverd with sweepers and you might find popcorn shrimp here. From there on, it’s wise to stay in the coral garden where you might meet a turtle.

If you dive Torfa Ben El Gebel as a normal dive, try to go through the coral garden in the direction of the erg around the corner at the West side. The way to the corner is shallow and there’s a nice reef wall. There might be a strong current just before the corner, but don’t worry, you won’t have to swim against it for long. In the coral garden you’ll find lots of table corals with all sorts of interesting stuff under them and you might meet a turtle.

On the ergs you’ll find many fish, gorgonias and beautiful hard and soft corals. At Torfa Ben El Gebel you can expect moray eels, schools of goatfish, giant pufferfish, rays, shrimp and the usual reeffish.

Would you like to dive on Torfa Ben El Gebel in the Red Sea? Ask us and we’ll do our best to take you there.