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Sabina Garden

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Sabina Garden

Sabina Garden, also known as Sabina Walls or Shaab Sabina, is an obvious drift dive. Even though you could easily swim out and back to the boat, this would mean that you miss the best part of the dive. When you drop you find your self over a “hill” of hard corals rather than a reef. The depth here is around 12 meters sloping down to 14 meters. Often you find stonefish and scorpion fish laying here.

Swim down the slope and enter a sand patch with a couple of large table corals in the middle. Here it is not uncommon that you see eagle rays, feather tailed rays and blue spotted ribbon tailed rays. On the far side of this sand patch you enter a maze of pinnacles and small reefs. To be able to navigate here it is good to notice the position of the sun and the current, which most of the time comes from north, turning east when it hits the reef.

South of the “maze” and in visual distance, the main reef takes you east towards the boat with a spectacular variation of different hard corals living on top of each other, making the safty stop a true pleasure. When you turn around the corner at the end of the reef it all of a sudden turns from colour to black and white. At this point you see a small coral block a few metres from the reef where a stonefish often rests. Now it is only a few minutes travel to the boat on the south side of the reef.