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Gota Abu Ramada

Hurghada Dive Sites

Gota Abu Ramada

Gota Abu Ramada is a medium-sized, oval-shaped reef, surrounded with a shallow, flat, sandy seabed, situated at about 1 hour sailing by boat, south of Hurghada.

It is one of the most popular dive sites around Hurghada and it is also called the Aquarium, due to the diversity and a large number of fish species.

The maximum depth at this dive site is about 15 meters.

Actually, this dive site is suitable for all levels of divers. The shallow depths at Gota Abu Ramada make this dive site ideal for beginners so they are able to assess experience and while having a picturesque dive. And for the experienced divers, there is plenty of time to explore the deep walls.

Currents at this dive site are normally not to take into consideration and are running from the north towards the south.

Here at Gota Abu Ramada you can see and experience marvelous things. Imagine yourself following for a few minutes an adult eagle ray just at 8 meters depth.

On the northeast side of the reef, you will find a separate erg, which is covered in orange fire corals and huge shoals of yellow snappers often hanging around here.

This is likely the furthest point of your dive if you are starting the dive from the boat.

The east and west side of Gota Abu Ramada have lovely coral gardens with many small coral blocks encrusting out of the sandy bottom, where you can encounter blue-spotted stingrays or even now and then an octopus.

On the main reef, at the west side, there are also 2 dramatic huge coral pinnacles reaching up from the sandy seabed 6 meters from the surface. They are swarming with orange anthias. Don’t forget to look under the small overhangs for lionfish.

The coral and fish life at Gota Abu Ramada is vibrant in color and great for underwater photographers.

Here you will find lots of butterflyfish, bannerfish, sweet lips, yellow goatfish in large schools. Barracudas, morays, jackfish, crocodile fish, stonefish and occasionally turtles can also be spotted here.

Gota Abu Ramada can also be dived as a drift dive from the north of the reef.

So if you are diving around Hurghada, Gota Abu Ramada should definitely be on your dive list.