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Shaab Eshta

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Shaab Eshta

Eshta means “cream” and the word is often used for describing something pretty or sweet as the English word “honey”. The reef is divided in two main pinnacles by a narrow channel with the boats moored on the south side of the bigger reef.

Obviously there are plenty of ways to plan this dive depending on conditions and other dive groups. One way is to start by going east with the reef on your left shoulder. The first thing you see is a small coral tower on a slope leading into a crack in the reef, go up the slope and around the tower. If you now look into the crack you can see that it is wide enough to swim through but you would only end up on the top of the reef and there is not much to see there. Instead, continue down the slope and around the reef untill you are in the channel. Here it is time to look up at the surface where you often find a group of barracudas hanging around, waiting for food to swim into their mouths.

Follow the channel and turn west on the south side of the smaller part of the reef, putting the reef on your right shoulder. You pass a small coral block at 9 meters at the west end before swimming back on the north side. When you are back at the channel, pass through and make your way up to 6 meters where you will soon find a small cave with glassfish. If you turn around now and look up you can see the mooring line.