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Abu Ramada South

Hurghada Dive Sites

Abu Ramada South

As the name suggests this is the south end of Abu Ramada Island. This is a dive site with a lot of options. Close to the reef you have a shelf on 12 meters. This shelf slopes down towards a step-like deeper and deeper area that ends on 20-22 meters and then slopes further all the way to a drop of far away.

When you begin your dive the best plan is to head out to the pinnacles that are “hanging” on the edge of the shelf. Follow them down to around 20 meters. One of the pinnacles has a crack in which you sometimes can find a giant moray eel seeking shelter. Swim up over the shelf again and have a look around the funny shaped pinnacles south west of the south most point of the reef. Here you sometimes find a big napoleon hanging around. Continue north and on the edge of the shelf you will now see a coral hill. This is the local cleaning station where fish come for a brush-up. If you are lucky you might get to see a moray eel or big grouper getting a refreshing cleaning. A few fin kicks further north you come up to an eel garden.

When you want to turn back to the boat you just head east to the reef wall, put the reef on your left shoulder and swim south. You will pass a small pinnacle and swim around the corner where you can have a look into a small cavern at 6 meters. If you follow the reef towards the east you reach an area with huge brain corals. On top of those you find a wreck after an old safari boat on 5 meters with a lot of trumpet fish hanging around. Here is a good place to make the safety stop and you should have your boat in visual range.