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Fanous East

Hurghada Dive Sites

Fanous East

Fanous is a sort of lighthouse in Arabic. A small light buoy on the eastern side of El Fanous was the reason to give this dive site the name of Fanous. The entire reef is 300 meters long and extending to the west side. Fanous is about 30 minutes sailing from Hurghada.

At this dive site, you can have 2 different dives: one on the eastern side and another on the west side. Here we will talk about Fanous East. It is a dive site where you can have a relaxing dive and study attentively the marine life.

At Fanous East, there is a large lagoon surrounded by a small strip of the reef. On the east end, the reef is split from the mainland by a wide channel where you can discover a beautiful coral garden en 3 colorful pinnacles.

Starting from the boat you will descend to a sandy bottom of 7 meters depth. Then the dive site gently slopes away to a depth of 25 meters. Small coral blocks and table corals are scattered around on the sandy bottom.

Approximately 20 meters from the northwest corner you will find 3 big ergs arising from the sandy bottom and covered with colorful soft corals. Just after the curve awaits the first coral tower to be discovered. After 30 meters you will reach the middle one being a cleaning station for many fish species. This coral tower is filled with glassfish and shrimps with at the bottom of it often a stonefish. If your air consumption is good you can continue to the 3rd pinnacle. These 3 pinnacles are worthwhile visiting, they are rich in beautiful underwater life.

It is not uncommon to encounter dolphins here as Fanous is a place where they regularly stop to play or just hang around before continuing to the south. Furthermore, you will spot turtles, blue-spotted stingrays, eagle rays, mackerels, and barracudas. Exceptionally stargazers and frogfish can be seen.

At Fanous East you can find a lot of fish species, hiding in the sand, such as crocodile fish, stargazers, frogfish or even the very rare walkman. You will return to the boat with the reef on your right side.