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Speciality Courses

Specialty Courses

If you want to explore the underwater world in different ways and in different diving environments, or you want to know more about some specific aspects of scuba diving, then you should check our list of Specialty Courses available on demand.

You can improve your diving skills  and explore the underwater world like never before with one of these Specialty Courses.

These courses will allow you to see the world beneath the waves in a whole new way. But all of these Specialty Course have all the same goal, to get the required knowledge and skills to dive in a safe and controlled environment, according the type of diving you may choose.

Even as a beginner in the recreational diving, you will surely find a Specialty Course that fits your needs.

You want to discover which treasures a shipwreck can hide? Many divers know that wreck diving can be a dangerous activity if not conducted properly. The Wreck Diver Specialty Course will teach you how to dive around a wreck, how to enter and exit a wreck in the safest way. And above all it gives you the opportunity to learn more about the history of the wreck you explore.

Or you would like to see creatures that only come out when the sun goes down and you would never have the opportunity to see when diving during the day. You also would be surprised how differently some fish species behave at night than during the day. With the Night Diver Specialty Course, you will learn how to dive with a flashlight, how to communicate in the dark with your buddy and how to stay safe during the whole dive.

Another aspect is maybe that you would like to improve your skills of buoyancy in order to dive more efficiently and consume less air. The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course will help you with this. You will get extra training in achieving the perfect buoyancy in order to perform all your dives in the smoothest way.

These are just a few of the Specialty Courses we offer.

Check out our Specialty Courses and sign up today for one of them, at Fun Fly Divers, to start your underwater adventure.

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