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Um Gammar

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Um Gammar

Umm Gamar is a long-isolated reef formed by an underwater mountain, near the island having the same name as the dive site and about 90 minutes away from Hurghada. Umm Gamar means Mother of the Moon, a reference to the crescent-shaped wedge of the island at the top of the reef.

At its south-eastern side, there is a very steep wall where many species of the pelagic hunt for smaller fish. There is also a small plateau at its western side which is full of small caves and overhangs. The site features a generally sloping wall which finally plummets into the deep.

Umm Gamar has a plateau on the south, at a depth of 14 to 24 meters with a beautiful coral garden where you regularly spot a turtle, batfish, moray eel and also Napoleon fish. On the way to the drop-off, you can encounter amazing coral towers, full of aquamarine life, such as glassfish and lionfish. These towers are above all covered with mesmerizing soft corals and fan corals. But don’t forget to take a look in the direction of the blue. You may see big pelagic fish passing by. You can also dive there starting from the coral garden and following the reef wall on the way back. You will see colorful fishes and sometimes turtles.

You can also dive on the north side of Umm Gamar but therefore the weather conditions must be very calm. Currents can be very strong at this place. This side of Umm Gamar is characterized by large table corals and a large school of fish. You can spot a lot of butterflyfish, blackfish and many other species. Here you can make very sheltered dives. If you are heading to the south part of Umm Gamar North you can see black corals and at a depth of 27 meters, you will find a cave in the reef. This side of the site is also known for encountering Spanish dancers even during the day.

Diving at Umm Gamar is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced but the north side is only suitable for advanced divers. Diving at Umm Gamar can be a very exciting experience with a lot to discover.