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Erg Somaya

Hurghada Dive Sites

Erg Somaya

After about 75 minutes sailing from Hurghada, on the east side of Small Giftun, you will reach Erg Somaya. The depth here at this dive site can go from 14 meters to 24 meters and beyond the drop off the depth can reach 50 meters.

Erg Somaya is a beautiful dive site where you can only dive under good weather conditions. And moreover, this is a dive site that is only suitable for advanced and experienced divers.

Erg Somaya has an amazing coral garden with hard and soft corals and high beautifully overgrown coral towers. And a great drop off running far into the depth completes the picture.

The two caves that are located here, are also worth a visit.

When diving Erg Somaya in the south direction, you will find some nice pinnacles which are gorgeous because they are completely covered with the most colorful species of corals and teeming with anthias fish, glassfish and their predators casually hanging around and waiting for the best moment to attack.

At the north of the dive site, you will be able to explore one in the form of a pyramid and full of fan corals.

While diving Erg Somaya you really shouldn’t skip the caves between north and south, overgrown with soft corals and gorgonians.

Here, at Erg Somaya, you will find hump head parrotfish, barracudas, mackerels, and tuna. Napoleons, turtles, batfish, moray eels, snails, triggerfish and with a bit of luck white tip sharks, are also regular inhabitants of this dive site.

Erg Somaya can dive as a drift dive. You will start the drift dive from the north of the anchorage and follow the eastern wall southwards to a superb coral tower where your boat will be waiting. This wall will appear to be a living wall full of cracks where small reef fish species may hide. After having admired the different aspects of Erg Somaya, go up along the main reef, where you will reach the boat.

Erg Somaya is considered to be one of the most stunning dive sites near Hurghada, with some colorful ergs, some nice caves and a spectacular drop off into the deep. So definitely worth diving at!