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Abu Dabbab

Special Trip from Hurghada

Abu Dabbab
Turtle Bay & Dugong Bay

If you want to enjoy snorkeling and/or diving at a place you never been before, than we can offer you our trip to Abu Dabbab beach, even from Hurghada.

Abu Dabbab is one of the most wonderful dive sites in the Red Sea and of all Egypt if we may say. This is one of the few places in the world where you can encounter the very rare and endangered Dugong (also called a Sea Cow) and the Green Sea Turtles.

The Abu Dabbab Bay became very famous in the area and it is also called Turtle Bay. Especially because these endangered Green Sea Turtles lay their eggs in the sand in the bay. When the time is right the eggs will hatch and the little turtles will get the chance to get into the sea and try to survive until they are big enough to have a better chance to stay alive. But let’s not forget that the bay is also inhabited by myriads of different species of fished and different corals with thousands of fantastic colors.

And because the bay has huge fields of sea grass, the chance you can spot the resident dugong, increases very much. Imagine yourself snorkeling or diving at the bay and one of a sudden, there he comes. It is a breathtaking beauty where you can look for hours at.

We will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada at 5:00 AM and have a drive by car of 2 hours to Abu Dabbab Bay. Once you arrived, we will give you a briefing that will provide you of all information that you need to know to safely snorkel of dive at Abu Dabbab Bay.

Once the briefing given you will prepare yourself to snorkel or to go diving as you choose when booking the trip. There will be 2 dives with a small interval and if you choose to snorkel, you will have 2 snorkel session also with a small interval in between. What can be more satisfying than to snorkel or dive between turtles of with the dugong if you are lucky.

After the snorkel sessions and/or dives a tasteful lunch will await you at the beach restaurant. You will also have some time to rest and to relax at the beach.

Around 3:30 PM we will drive back to Hurghada and set you of at your hotel.