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El Erg – Dolphin House

Hurghada Dive Sites

El Erg - Dolphin House

This is one of those dive sites you read about and go “Oh yeah, right!” There is not a place in the world where they say, “here you can dive with dolphins” and you actually do. It is like seeing sharks at “Shark Point” or turtles in “Turtle Cove”, it never happens. Well, at Dolphin House there actually is a fair chance for it to happen. If the dolphins are not around on the day you come here, you may follow this route instead. With the boat on the east side of the reef you swim south to the end. You go on in the same direction in a straight line, first passing one pinnacle on 10 meters then two more at 12 meters. From here you can see the next two beside each other at 15 meters and then two lined up on 18 meters. This area is absolutely fantastic with jacks feeding on schools of silversides and clouds of anthiaes surrounding deep purple soft corals. A few metres further out you find the edge of the plateau and turn right.

Do not stay at the actual edge; make your way north-west over the coral garden and look under the table corals for marine life seeking shelter there. At the west end of the reef you find a big brain coral at 9 meters and here you make the decision to go either on the north side through the channel or on the south side. If you choose the south side you swim with the reef on your left shoulder up to a big pinnacle. This, together with the main reef almost form a lagoon at 7 meters and it may be a little tricky to navigate. Try to keep south of this pinnacle by looking for a couple of big brain corals and keep right of them. Soon you will be back at the place where you left the reef. Here you take a left around the corner and you will find the mooring lines.