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Try Diving

Discover how to breathe underwater
In the swimming pool

If you have no idea about what scuba diving is all about, then we recommend you to make a try dive in swimming pool with us. It is the simplest and safest way to discover if you could take a plunge in the real underwater world of the Red Sea.

One of our experienced staff member will explain you everything you need to know about the diving equipment you will use. You will put the equipment on and go into the swimming pool where you will go underwater and see how easy it actually is to breathe underwater. 

The environment of a swimming pool is the best place to have a try dive. In case of insecurity, you will be in no time again above water. It is also the best way to show you how small problems, such as water in your mask or pain in your ears, can easily be solved without panicking. 

Once you took a plunge in the swimming pool and tried diving, you will know that you will be able to become familiar with the Red Sea’s underwater world of coral reefs and tropical fishes. You will see most of the species of fishes and corals and other water creatures that you once saw on television in one of the underwater documentaries.

Good to know is that people of all ages can explore the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea. With most of the time ideal weather and sea conditions, such as soft currents and good visibility underwater, even children will be able to enjoy diving at a lesser depth.

So the best way to discover that scuba diving isn’t as scary as it seems, is to join us on a try dive in the swimming pool. After this you can decide if you could spend a day on the boat with us and enjoy of all the beauty the Red Sea has to offer.

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