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Shabruhr Umm Gamar

Hurghada Dive Sites

Shabruhr Umm Gamar

Shabruhr Umm Gamar is situated about 1 kilometer at the south of Umm Gamar and it is the tip of an underwater mountain, submerging at the surface.

Shaabruhr simply means a small reef. The depth at Shabruhr Umm Gamar can vary from 14 to 40 meters. The reef offers a variety of dives. The north side provides very nice drift dives, varying from a steep slope to a sheer bottomless cliff. Don’t forget to look into the blue, you never know what will pass by.

On the west side of the dive site is a nice shallow reef wall that will be dropping to 15 meters and a coral garden. The wall has many small crevasses where the sunlight is playing and creates beautiful colors reflecting on the reef and filled with glassfish. The coral garden is the perfect spot to see tunas, mackerels, trevallies, and barracudas if you look into the blue. On the wall scorpionfish, stonefish or crocodile fish are playing hide and seek. Sometimes eagle rays can pass by.

On the southeast toward the drop off lies a wreck of a small Egyptian patrol boat at around 30 meters depth scattered all around. The wreck falls further down the slope. There is not much else to see that a little debris and the machine.

Deeper down you will find 2 other wrecks but unfortunately, these are not reachable for recreational divers but only for technical divers because they are at depths deeper than 40 meters. At 66 meters lies the wreck of Colona IV a safari boat, that sank during a storm in 1995. The second wreck Gulf Fleet 13 is at a depth of 100 meters. It was a greater kind of tugboat used to bend the drilling platforms. Finish your dive on the shallow mushroom-shaped erg.

On the plateau, you may encounter morays, Napoleons, large groupers and blue spotted stingrays. On the drop off you may spot occasionally white tips, grey reef sharks, jackfish and big tunas. Shabruhr Umm Gamar is suitable for divers of all levels but if you want to dive the small wreck at the depth of 30 meters you need to be an advanced diver.