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Shaab Abu Galawa

Hurghada Dive Sites

Shaab Abu Galawa

Abu Galawa is located in the diving area north of Hurghada and has 6 dive sites that can be dived at Abu Galawa, Shaab Abu Galawa, Sachwat Abu Galawa, Habibi Abu Galawa, Gota Abu Galawa, and Marsa Abu Galawa. It is about 1 hour sailing from Hurghada.

Here we will have it about diving at Marsa Abu Galawa. The dive site Marsa Abu Galawa is suitable for all levels of divers due to the topography of the reef complex. The mooring point is situated at the entrance of the lagoon. This lagoon is around 5 meters depth and except the seagrass bed, inhabited by some sea horses, on the sandy bottom, there is not a lot to see.

At the begin of the dive, you can explore a coral block where you can spot some stonefish. Before you reach the drop-off, you will encounter some nice table corals. The closer you will get to the drop-off, the more underwater life you will find. The edge of the drop off is at 16 meters depth where small pinnacles of hard corals are hanging down the slope. Little further to the north, you can see an eel garden at about 14 meters depth.

And don’t miss the shallow part of the reef. On the way back to the boat, you can follow the reef wall at a shallower depth of 9 meters. Bass, moray eels, scorpionfish, small caves with glassfish, you can all see it. Many different kinds of hard corals are found here, some with incredible colors. Sandy and sloping down to the drop-off, this area needs careful searching to unveil its treasures. Schools of colorful fish are always present here. Turtles, moray eels, groupers, you can all spot them here.

Marsa Abu Galawa can be dived in 2 different ways. The first one is to go to the south alongside a smaller reef, pass by an old lobster cage and a garden feel to cross the plateau and reach the ridge and come back to the boat. The other possibility is to go straight ahead to the ridge of the plateau and to come back toward the reef over the plateau with its garden eel.